This shouldn’t come as any big surprise! The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show has been going strong for over five decades, and money-louisville-show-2014has taken on a fresh new
look. So please join us in 2014 for an unparalleled marketing experience that will pay off now and in the future.


The Tradition . . .

During its long history the “Louisville Show” has grown to include virtually every exhibitor who has wanted to capture the northeast market. As home designs changed, as they became more complex and more beautiful, as they incorporated state-of-the-art features that appealed to every segment of consumers, these exhibitors recognized that the showcase represented by The Louisville Show was valuable as a marketing medium. Exhibiting at Louisville offers you one of the best ways to get in front of your customers and prospects in a relatively short amount of time. Louisville gives you the opportunity to not only show your homes, products, or services, but also creates that all important first impression. The Louisville show is worth the effort!The Timing . . .


January is a prime time for The Louisville Show, because builder/developers, retailers, community owners/operators and installers want to place orders and have inventory delivered in time for the early selling season. They want to have the time to investigate and compare competing manufacturers and supplier exhibitors.


The Marketplace . . .

In 2013 The Louisville Show registered retailers, builder/developers, community managers, and manufacturers from all over the region. This is a significant coup for The Louisville Show, because it means new leads, new business relationships, and expanded market penetration. At last years successful show we had 1370 builder/developers, retailers, community owners/operators, and installers representing 573 different companies. All of our exhibitors were pleased with the traffic flow that the show provided in 2013. Sales were made!

It’s easy to know that The 2014 Louisville Show will be even greater. The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show appeals to some very discriminating buyers. They want a good price, but they also want a first-class look, functionality, efficiency, and detailing that sets their home apart from others. The homes that are in Louisville are truly representative of the region.

As with last year’s show, we will again use QMS of Alpharetta, GA to provide web link registration services. Their services proved to be a great help to all concerned parties before the show, during the show and after the show as well.

For the 2014 Louisville show, we plan to do more practical, business building seminars on the first and second day of the show. These seminars will showcase ways for professionals to market, sell and finance more homes, and access capital for commercial MHC projects. Questions and Answers to our expert presenters are always part of our seminars. All seminars will be held in the morning hours on Wednesday and Thursday. This will allow everyone more time to enjoy seeing all of the exhibits. Tony Kovach, with www.MHMarketingSalesManagemt.com (MHProNews.com) will once again lead our seminar programming for the 2014 show.

Publicity and Promotion . . .

Over fifty years of experience makes our marketing communications campaign professional, focused, and on target. There’s no Louisville-Banner-Ad-C3substitute for expertise, and The Louisville Show has it when it comes to getting the word out.

The Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation stands behind the Louisville Show. The Midwest wants everyone to come to Louisville and enjoy a high degree of success. All the Midwest states will be represented at this year’s show and will be available with onsite information. Last year we used Tony Kovach with MHMarketing Sales Management to help us promote the show. We will once again use MHMarketing Sales Management services to promote this year’s show. In addition to his electronic messages, we will put out direct mailing pieces to all potential builder/developers, retailers, community owners/operators, and installers in the Midwest and beyond. The Midwest states will also assist in promoting the Louisville Show to their state members. We saturate the market and our message is always a variation on the same theme … The Louisville Show provides the means to increased profits, greater productivity, and a stronger competitive posture.


The Location . . .

The 2014 show will be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center. We suggest you come to Louisville and surprise yourself again. The Crowne Plaza will serve as our headquarters hotel. The Crowne Plaza is located directly across the street from the Kentucky Exposition Center. Everyone was extremely pleased with the hotel renovation. As always, the airport is within 3 minutes of the show site and there is ample, safe parking at KEC. There could not be a more convenient show site!


The Rewards . . .

The rewards that will be generated include higher sales to more builder/developers, retailers, community owners/operators and installers, qualified leads from an entirely new group of buyers, prominence and visibility in a competitive marketplace, and invaluable contacts that will serve you well in the years ahead.
Perhaps you’re thinking you can skip the show this year. WRONG! It’s IMPERATIVE in the current economy that you keep abreast of everything that’s happening in the industry, IMPERATIVE that you retain or gain a strong competitive presence, and IMPERITIVE that you are aggressive in pursuing profits. So do yourself a favor and attend The 2014 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

If you have any questions regarding this year’s Louisville show, please do not hesitate to call Dennis J. Hill, Show Coordinator, at 770-587-3350. ##