“The Louisville Show launches a yearlong sales cycle during which continuing business accounts for tens of millions of dollars. Many of the 1370 builders/developers, retailers, community owners/operators, and installers who attend will place orders on-site, but many others will simply line up future purchases. The 2014 Louisville Show will provide an opportunity to meet manufacturers and suppliers, and determine which of them they’ll want to do business with. They will be comparing new homes of every description and deciding what will please their customers back home. The choices will be better than ever before … from single sections to system-built homes, there will be something to fit every demographic of potential home-buyers. This dazzling collection of 48 new homes, and the hundreds of service and supplier displays, will be exhibited in the expansive Kentucky Exposition Center. You will never have a better opportunity to see everything that has come to market in the past year, and to compare quality, price, service, delivery schedules, and follow-through, which is the beauty of a trade show. It is a three dimensional experience that cannot be replaced by sales calls, brochures, ads, articles, or phone calls. Among thousands of people, each contact is one-on-one, and nothing is more valuable in the marketplace. Show organizers anticipate that the 2014 show will eclipse its leadership position in the industry.”

-Ron Thomas, MMHF Chairman